St. George's Marina presently has six Superyacht berths and several smaller berths located withinin the heart of the World Heritage Site of St. George's in Bermuda.  In  late 2017 the marina will be expanding to include large floating berths protected by a large fixed breakwater. This expansion is currently in the planning stage and will soon move to the development stage (see constructions phases below). The marina will contain all of the facilities required by cruising yachts or superyachts, including showers , pump out facilities and WiFi. St. George's Marina has been designed as visiting and transient yacht marina. The St. George's Marina is a logical stop on any yacht intinerary. 


  1. 890
    Nautical miles from Ft. Lauderdale FL.
  2. 640
    Nautical miles from Newport R.I.
  3. 930
    Nautical miles form Antigua
  4. 1800
    Nautical miles to Horta , Azores
Construction Phases
  1. Phase I
    Phase I
    Phase one consists of over 300 feet of fixed breakwater, and 20 berths af floating pontoons. The phase I breakwaete is scheduele to be completed by May 2018 with the rest of Phase I being complted by 2019.
  2. Phase II
    Phase II
    This phase will add and additional 150 feet of breakwater and an additional 20 berths. The additional breakwater will all plenty of space for large yachts.
  3. Phase III
    Phase III
    Phase III will see a furthe increase of the breakwater by 150 feet allowing even more space at the beakwater and in the floating portion of the marina.